Today, I present the first appearance of SBM contributor Phantom who shares a selection of 3 quite interesting bands. Without further due, let’s start with them.

Vranac – Apocrypha

Although, nowhere is openly stated when Russia’s Vranac formed, I consider it a newborn band given the few releases that the trio has issued forth by now. My journey of exploring their works dates back to 2014 when I first played their split “Заговор“, which you can download for free, by the way. Today, I have the pleasure of recommending their latest single “Apocrypha” that was presented to me on Soundcloud a few days ago. A killer follow up that excels with an excellent production and immersive quality that will get a hold on you easily. 

Apocrypha” is a new direction that Vranac have taken in their development resulting in a harsher form of black metal with a bigger emphasis on expression. I especially love the impacting melodies and intense vocals spitting razor-sharp words of pure anger against dogma’s venomous influence and its pseudo values. Without any doubts, this is the band’s darkest and most intense song to date, which I recommend below.


Au Champ des Morts – Dans La Joie [ Full streaming]

Dans La Joie - Au Champ des Morts

Au Champ des Morts came to me as a huge and pleasant surprise. First, the band features an ex. Anorexia Nervosa member (Stéphane Bayle) who is in charge with the vocals and guitar work. Second, the band emerged out of the shadows in 2016 for the first time presenting the 2-piece EP “Le jour se lève“, which insidiously slipped through my radars.

Anyway, now is the time to make up for the delayed introduction of this band by sharing their debut album “Dans La Joie” – 7 cold-borne hymns with an overwhelming emotional presence throughout all of them. In between the blend of black metal severity, there lies touching atmosphere that will go a short way to resonate with your soul and make you lose yourself in deep thoughts. Au Champ des Morts offer a massive load of strong melodies and absolutely badass vocals in their new opus, making the track list so engaging to listen to. Give it a go below.



Acrimonious – Eleven Dragons [upcoming]

Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons

Hellenic black metal is picking up rapidly with bands like Nadiwrath, Thy Darkened Shade, Serpent Noir and many others. What if I told you that these 3 are not listed accidentally? In fact, members of each of the above mentioned names contribute to Acrimonious; a sinister cult praising the infernal kingdom since 2003! 

Almost 5 years after their latest epitome “Sunyata” saw the light of day, World Terror Committee made an exclusive announcement for the band’s 3rd full-length. “Eleven Dragons” is the name of the new title framing 11 songs that go beyond an hour of an unrelenting and light-devouring black magic. I haven’t had an opportunity to check out the rest of the track list yet but judging by the only song available for streaming right now, it is quite promising! It is constructed on the solid foundation of satanic cult and reinforced by an aggressive fast-paced instrumental work rooted in the occult vein. So destructive and consuming as raging fires converting all things holy into ashes. A perfect example to hammer down the next nail into the coffin of ignorance!

Eleven Dragons” is scheduled for 20 March. While waiting for the whole thing to come out in full, make sure to check out the track below and get yourself familiar with the names above if you haven’t yet!