I’ve been blessed with a little spare time on my hands today, which is somewhat rare to happen. Of course, the best way to celebrate this “occasion” is by getting isolated from everyday life and plunge into a world far more superior, vivid and inspiring than man-made reality. For this post, I’ve collected material from 3 artistic formations that is mind-blowing at the very least! Let’s get started!

Les Chants du Hasard – S/T

Les chants du hasard

I’ve been listening to a variety of extreme tunes produced by French artists but Les Chants du Hasard hit me harder than ever. This project has no associations with metal. In fact, it takes orchestral music from a different perspective opening a gate to a realm of mysteries, walking spectres and horror. As Hazard, the sole ruler of Les Chants du Hasard stated, the project was initiated about 2 years ago. The band name is influenced by Comte de Lautréamont’s poetic novel “Les Chants de Maldoror“. On the side note, Maldoror is a character that embodies the absolute opposition to God and mankind! 

At the core of the music stand a number of inspirational sources leading to classic orchestral music. Among the most prominent figures that played an important role in Hazard’s debut work are Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev), La Khovantchina (Mussorgsky), Elektra and Salomé (Strauss). The artwork is painted by Jeff Grimal ( The Great Old Ones), which precisely captures the spooky mood of the 3-piece track list. Overall, Les Chants du Hasard delivers an equally grand and disturbing masterpiece that pays tribute to the old masters in every aspect. An absolute must-listen!



Shrine – Ordeal 26.04.86

Shrine - Ordeal 26.04.86

In 2003 Hristo Gospodinov created what appears to be the Bulgarian one-man force Shrine – a project that involves a plentiful of experimental approaches that lead to music beyond descriptions. Mere words cannot transfer the meaning of it at all! It simply has to be experienced. Of course, in a world dominated by labels, categories and so forth, I’d be certainly right to place it under the dark ambient column. That’s the closest I could get to defining the overall core of his works.

My first encounter with Shrine was upon discovering the latest opus “Ordeal 26.04.86″, which was released just last year. The album consists of 6 songs unified under a theme that relates to one of the most catastrophic events in the history of modern civilisation – The Chernobyl disaster! The music unfolds in sequential stages illustrating the beginning, the devastating climax and the post-apocalyptic aftermath of the radioactive Judgement day that was upon us in 1986. 

Speaking of the music, it creates an eerie atmosphere that entraps the listener momentarily into the deadly grip of Death itself. Hristo’s rich artistic experience shines through his intricate work because he successfully did what many others failed to accomplish – capturing the vibe of the theme to the fullest and translate it into sonic experience that not only brings shivers down your spine but also unveils a ruined world before your eyes!

Note: The artwork is a collaborative effort between Hristo and Dehn Sora (also known for designing cover art for Blut aus Nord).

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Nyrst – Demo [Free download]


In the end, I couldn’t help myself but conclude this post with black metal. When your heart aches for something, it’s hard to neglect it, right? So, I decided to take this opportunity and introduce an aspiring Icelandic quartet by the name of Nyrst and their debut “Demo“. 

Nyrst was born in 2013 and some of their primary influences point to classics by Emperor, Bathory and Taake. Therefore, the 2-piece track list inevitably results into a pure Northern black metal assault that packs a major punch! The only sin of Nyrst is that the demo is way too short but I strongly believe that the band is cooking something bigger right now. If you’ve been looking for material that embodies the strong presence of the glorious 90s, this free download is definitely worth checking out!