AMNUTSEBA-demo-ii / support black metal

What a pleasant surprise, I must say! Amnutseba is one of those bands that would literally make you pop your eyes out immediately after you hit the play button. The band has shared their second untitled demo with me, which made question a few times what the heck was going on. And that, in the most positive manner, mind you!

The French band is entirely shrouded in mystery except for the fact that their legacy comes down to 2 offerings; one of which I’d like to plague you with today. Basically, what we’ve got here comprises of 2 songs that are an embodiment of complete and utter audal sickness. I had a real hard time to describe how unsettling “Demo II” is, quite frankly. Still, it’s got a very weird charm despite how truly and deeply insane this effort is.

Demo II” is twisted and unpredictable to the core; an absolute mindfuckery that will crush your senses and leave you die in the drought. Its nonelinear way of sounding and multi-dimensionality interweaving extremely wicked vocals and musicianship are awe-inspiring! Hell, this short but sweet track list packs so much magnetism that I will justly label it as one of the most hideous masterpiece that I’ve come across to in 2018 (so far). 

Note:Demo II” is only available on tape through Caligari Records. Also, keep in mind that Amnutseba has no social media profiles, so their label is the only means of contact for now.


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