We’ve all seen in the movies/books/music albums various concepts illustrating the Earth almost perished – unearthly creatures invading, catastrophic disasters, warfares and many others. What brings them together is that there is always a happy end; a triumph of the light over the dark. However, “a coin is two-sided” meaning that there is an opposite concurence of circumstances. With that being said, I am gonna dive into the timeless void of anguish where Profundis Tenebrarum drew their inspiration from and  forged the pestilential Apocalypchrist – a muSICal epitome of the grand end of the religious world. Where darkness prevails and only horror reigns!

For those of you who are not familiar with Profundis Tenebrarum, here is what I’m gonna say. It is one of the top-ranked Spanish black metal bands with a great deal of experience, being on stage since 1995 and continuing to spread the infernal arts. It is a four piece band including NoctrvN – vocals, guitars and keyboards (a.k.a the owner of Antichristian Front Records), Estela – bass, Nosfer – guitars and keyboards and Alfred Berengena – drums. 34461_photo

Apocalypchrist embodies brutaltiy beyond comprehension. It certainly brought the band to the next level. The instrumental is very sophisticated and clearly shows how professional the band members have become throughout the years of their growth. Extremely fast, technical and the drumming – holy shit! Alfred Berengena outdid himself! From the beginning til the end his rage is just immitigable. Like a heavy artillery that breaks down everything on the way. On the other hand, NoctrvN comes in with his shrieking and mind-fucking vocals accompanied by swift skillful guitar playing along wirh Nosfer. You have to get that there is no peace in this album. Once you enter the abyss of the Apocalypchrist, there is nothing but annihilation.

Lyrical themes are oriented towards darkness, extermination of christians and general hatred. Putting all pieces together – musicianship, lyrics and the vibe the spings out of the final outcome, you get a violent lesson in uprooting Christianity with full force. Every element of this album is super polished starting from quality, arrangement, concept, lyrics to cover artwork. It reaches the highest point, so there is no more to ask for. Undoubtedly Apocalypchrist is a masterpiece and I am more than curious to see what’s coming next.

Special regards to Profundis Tenebrarum and Antichristian Front Records for the opportunity to review this album. You can preview three tracks of Apocalypchrist below.

Profundis TenebrarumApocalypchrist
Antichristian Front Records, release: 01.10.2011
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1. Timeless Void of Anguish
2. Blissful Torment
3. As Nemesis Burns
4. Revolting Against My Flesh
5. Final Bloodshed
6. Into the Black Flame
7. Duer Distant Horizons
8. Blessed in Impurity
9. Beyond the Aris of Knowledge
10. Darkness Unfolds
11. Gleams of Death
12. Sacrilegious Domains
13. Apocalypchrist

Total running time: 01:06:02