Congratulations! You’ve just survived the whole week. Don’t you think you deserve to treat yourself appropriately? Well, I do! Before going any further, I beg you grab a cold one and get your stereo in action, cause it’s fucking Friday and it’s time for black metal massacre! The bands under the SBM radars are Profanatism, Second to Sun and Skognatt

Profanatism  – Hereticon

Several days ago, I was contacted by a previously unknown to me band called Profanatism. This Polish act of blackness was born sometime in 2012 and has forged towards the sunset ever since. A big milestone in their musical career was achieved 11 days ago when the duo released the debut album “Hereticon” via Under the Sign of Garazel Productions. Below you can listen to what Profanatism has cooked during the past years.

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Second to Sun – Gal Agnostiske Drømmer

Second to Sun is a Russian band whose band members are also known for participating in an instrumental project named Epoch Crysis. Do check it out, by the way! “Gal Agnostiske Drømmer” is a reissue of Epoch Crysis’ 2011 album, as stated in their email they sent to myself. Now, here is an interesting fact. Second to Sun made up a fictional language that takes influence from Norwegian, Icelandic and Finnish; the final outcome is surprisingly good, actually.  The album’s concept is as crazy as the lyrics because it does not explore the overly-abused satanic themes but in fact it goes totally abstract. Imagine a parallel universe of dreams and creeping chaos.. 

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Skognatt – Landscape of Ice

The final honorable mention goes to the fantastic atmospheric black metal project Skognatt. The band released an EP titled “Landscape of Ice” consisting of two hypnotically awesome tracks. As a matter of fact, this EP is almost free considering that it costs just 1 euro. Definitely worth to acquire!