Black/doom fellowship in sorrow Yhdarl made available details about their upcoming mini album they have tirelessly worked on, which is titled “A Prelude to the Great Loss.” So far, it is known that the EP offers a 30 minutes intense prelude to devastating oppression that will take away your breath until you begin to see the fading light of your very own existence. The band states that the teaser “Unblessed Hands” is one of the most experimental tracks that they have ever made!

A Prelude to the Great Loss” also features 2 guest appearances  – Ascaris (Aevangelist) and Old (Drohtnung, session vocalist on Woods of Desolation’s “As the Stars”). There is no exact release date as of now, so you have to stay tight and follow Yhdarl for more updates. Alternatively, you can pre-order your copy by messaging the band on their social profiles or send an email: [email protected] 

Note: The EP consists of 2 tracks and will be available as a 6 panel digipak.