Happy accidents are the best when it comes to finding a new band that takes your breath away and changes your original plans for the day. Initially, I had in mind to share a “cover of the day” post on Google+ but after surfing the net, I accidentally spotted one hell of an artwork coming a long with a bandcamp reference to some mysterious black metal album. Driven by curiosity, I decided to play the first song of Dutch act Witte Wieven’s “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” and I was fucking blown away straight from the beginning by the first track off the album “Ruin.”  This is the debut EP of the duo led by female singer Carmen (vocals,  guitars, bass) and Sarman (drums).  “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” is a 3-pieces atmospheric black metal outcome packed with a dense atmosphere, furious guitar work and haunting vocals that are so spellbinding that it makes you replay the album many more times. 

For the short course of the tracklist, there is so much going on that I am certain that what’s coming in the future will be even more crushing than their debut. The album was released independently by the Witte Wieven on January the 10th and is avaiable on bandcamp for free download as well as in physical format for collectors. You can order a copy via their Facebook page HERE or through the following e-mail address: [email protected].  I can blabber a lot but I would rather leave you alone with the music for it will tell a thousand times more. 


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