I cannot even recall when was the last time I got to enjoy blackened music leaning towards the brutal sound of death metal. In this installment, a product of happy accident to be quite honest, I am now presenting you French band War Inside and their upcoming 2nd album titled “S.U.T.U.R.E.” The band’s name may suggest a nature of melancholy but in fact, it is right the opposite. This is a pure act of devastating brutality imbued with blackness that upon listening burns your entity in its whole and does not leave a getway for your soul. In just 12 days (18 February) “S.U.T.U.R.E” is seeing the light of the day when its 9 hymns of sonic terror will cloud this world forevermore. You can pre-order your copy via Finisterian Dead End’s online store HERE. For more info about War Inside and general updates, follow them on Facebook HERE. See tracklist below the Bandcamp player.

Note: Thomas (vocals) is also known as the singer of Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, which I recommended in THIS 3-way recommendation.


1. Demiurge
2. The Milgram Whore
3. Body Bones
4. Name Us Defective
5. Penance
6. Cold as Dead
7. Maggots on Candies
8. Connivance
9. Rictus