Australian black/death metal coven Ur Draugr have stepped out of the dark with big news concerning the band’s development. They have set in stone an official release date of their debut album titled “With Hunger Undying” that is packed with more spellbinding artwork by Jeff Christiansen and a unique fusion of progressive & extreme metal elements pushing further the initial style they have started the band with. ATMF, which is a superb independed record label for out-of-the-box music is taking care of releasing their album on December the 7th. Below you can check out the tracklist as well as the song “Fertile Crescent.”

Track I: Fertile Crescent
Track II: Seeds Sown In Famine
Track III: Rise Of The Thaumaturge
Track IV: Solace Within Torpor
Track V: Augur Incarnate (Distended Crown)
Track VI: Cult Of The Greatwurm
Track VII: Lethe Drinker Track
VIII: With Hunger Undying

For the curious individuals, here is what Ur Draugr said about the concept of the opening track “Fertile Crescent”:

“Fertile Crescent” opens the album; a concept piece that follows the ascent of man to civilization through agriculture, and the subsequent forsaking of nomadism and sinister concentration of religious and political power that inevitably followed.