Every once in a while I return to Netherlands (figuratively speaking) to harvest one very specific black metal vibe that makes me not only super excited but proud to be a member of that community. As much as I would push myself to express in mere words how this feels, I would fail in the end, so my most valuable advice is to concentrate on the Dutch underground for a while and hopefully you’ll feel it, too.

Finding Standvast was a happy accident, which is credited to Jan from Sammath/Kaeck who shared one of their tracks that blew my brains away. After I did my little research, I got to know that this band is formed of members who participate in respected acts like Tarnkappe and Gheestenland. I am sure you remember these names because I fucking love their works and they have been published more than once here.

According to metal-archives, Standvast was born in 2015 and their debut album “Afkomst” saw the light of day 5 days ago. It consists of 12 tracks that are distributed in cassettes by Heidens Hart RecordsStandvast is best described as aversion of trends and commercialism. Their musical style defined as militant raw black metal reminds of the original purpose of the genre and its glorious might. Below you can take a glimpse. 

As to ordering a copy of “Afkomst”, I suggest you contact Standvast themselves HERE or reach out to their label HERE.


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