soul_dissolution_coverOne way to continue to prove to all of you out there that black metal is developing, bettering and so vast that you can’t have enough of, is by shedding light on bands such as Soul Dissolution. This premiere is all about melancholy that meets extreme metal and shapes an outstanding outcome called “Cold Rays and Grey Waves.”

Unbearable pressure, being torn apart,… an existence can end in many ways. It can also dim slowly, as a lantern in the growing fog, eventually disappearing from sight, dissolving into nothingness. Following the decline of this frail light is what this project is about.

Soul Dissolution is an act of two members that hail from Belgium. Their demo “Cold Rays and Grey Waves” sets the beginning of their discography – a very promising, I’d say. The project is inspired by artists such as Drudkh, Raventale, Forgotten Tomb, Svarti Loghin and Alcest. Now tune up your speakers, play the first song of the demo and get to know what’s in the tracklist below.

Note: “Cold Rays and Grey Waves” comes in CDR( through Rigorism Production) and tapes (limited to 50 hand-numbered copies).
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1. The Smell of Freedom
2. This Red Painting in the Sky
3. Waves
4. The Final Dissolution – Part 1
5. (dissolution) – instrumental

Total running time: 30:31