It’s not the first time I get my hands on Via Nocturna’s productions where after just a few minutes of listening, I get stunned by the amazing quality of both visual and musical art they offer. I’ve said it many times and I feel kind of obligated to repeat it that Polish fellows do have a fine taste in extreme music and it is absolutely mandatory to spend enough time exploring that particular scene. Even taking it from a record label’s perspective, they do know to filter music and spot best of the best. In this sense, Via Nocturna’s newly signed band Solacide is the first in their roster that does not come from Poland but actually from the cold and snowy lands of Finland where some of the rawest black metal acts have emerged and hold fans in awe up to this very day. However, in this case, the debut album of Solacide “The Finish Line” breaks the true black metal tradition with an enormous usage of progressiveness, infectious melodies, acoustics and every once once in a while clean singing. 

Despite Solacide is on the verge of releasing their first full-length in their musical career, they have been around since 1996  under the name Dim Moonlight until 2004 when it transformed and set the beginning of its current state. “The Finish Line” is scheduled to come out on 28 February in digital and physical (CD) format through Via Nocturna, so make sure to mark that date on your calendars! Until then, expect an 8-piece opus of 48 minute progressive death/black metal gem offering an organic sounding, mature instrumentalism  and exciting compositions. You can taste a bit of “Disgust” and you’ll see what I mean exactly. Meanwhile, if you wanna get to know Solacide better, follow them on Facebook and/or listen to their EP “Waves of Hate” HERE. Pre-order your copy HERE.