Tricked by the light..

Quick update from the headquarters of mighty Drakkar Productions. One of their upcoming releases that caught my attention right away is the upcoming album of Hellenic black metal act Sad. Have you heard of them yet? No? Well, why not jump straight into their latest material by checking out a preview track from their long-awaited full-length titled “Utter Nihil Worship.”

So far, “Tricked By The Light” is the only revealed song from the tracklist; no one really knows why the hell these guys kept the rest of the tracklist in deep secret, though. Anyway, the preview song is worth enough the wait till 20 May when Drakkar Productions will unleash the torrent of blackness that Sad has been invoking over the past 3 years.

In the meantime, keep your eyes wide open and follow both Sad (HERE) and Drakkar Productions (HERE) for upcoming details.