Yesterday, Godz Ov War Productions shared on SBM’s facebook wall a short piece of info with a track included from Outre’s upcoming debut album “Ghost Chants.” Frankly, I had never heard of that band before and I am happy that I was shed some light on it, because I believe what I just heard is part of a mindfuckingblowing album! Listen to “The Fall” below and you’ll see what I mean.


Note: “Ghost Chants” is scheluded to be out on April the 14th. Order a CD or LP copy HERE. Below you can throw an eye on the tracklist.

1. Chant 1. – Departure
2. Chant 2. – Shadow
3. Chant 3. – The Fall
4. Chant 4. – Lament
5. Chant 5. – Equilibrium
6. Chant 6. – Vengeance
7. Chant 7. – Arrival

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