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Premiere: New Exquisite Ending album coming in January

United Kingdom based Exquisite Ending are on the verge of releasing a new light-devouring EP that is entitled “The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV”.  The expected date of release is on January 2015 through  Hibernacula Records. With 4 tracks that blend occult undertones, mind-destroying instrumentalism and wretched vocals, this EP will bring a crushing wave of self-loathing anger over the masses. 

“The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV” is the first part of a series in conceptual recordings that raise the cult of Misanthropism, a religious doctrine that has been created by the band. Below you can listen to “Psalm II: The Mass Congregation Of Detestable Dispair”.  If you would like to get to know Exquisite Ending in-depth, visit their bandcamp page where you will find their debut album for free streaming as well as other darkened delights.

1. Psalm I: The Invocation Of The Abhorrent Void
2. Psalm II: The Mass Congregation Of Detestable Dispair
3. Psalm III: Ostracism Of Tormenting Morality
4. Psalm IV: In This Quietus, We Perish As One Vessle

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