Reaching out beyond the shell

Narvik are no strangers to those among you who check on my Google+ posts every once in a while. As accidentally  as I discovered their music initially, so did I learn about their upcoming sophomore album, which bears a quite interesting title “Ascension Of Apo.”  

It was a bit of a challenge for me to dig up more information about the album’s concept but on the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised that Folter Records have granted full access to the tracklist on their official bandcamp page, 1 month before the official release date! Cool, right?

As much as I’ve been able to keep track on Narvik’s progress, my first impression about “Ascension Of Apo”  was a more refined and mature production. The overall atmosphere the band has set in their new release does have an ascending vibe wrapping series of catchy and equally complex elements that build up an album, which in my eyes is worthy to be called a successor. 

While waiting til 27th May for a physical copy, listen to all tracks below. I think fans who are into occult and death-worshipping black metal will capture its potential.

You can order a CD HERE and follow Narvik right over….HERE