First premiere for 2015 comes with two very intriguing albums that are to be out as well as a bonus that recalls of the fruitful past year. Good things await us, so let’s take a peek.


Namter is an Italian atmospheric black metal band that was born in 2004 as a one-man project. Having released a demo [“Hostis Humani Generis”] and split [“Paritur Pax Bello”] so far, the band is ready to spread the word of the upcoming debut album “Il Rifugio della Creazione”, which is expected to be out in March 2015 through Algiz Art and ΛΥΚΩΡΕΙΑ.  The tracklist consists of 8 songs in the vein of ice cold black metal played in a primordial form, envisioning epic winter scenes that take one’s breath away. Check out an excerpt from “Il Rifugio della Creazione” below.

Namter – Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Triumphator – Bass 
Ursus Arctos – Keyboards 
Jonny – Drums

Note: “Il Rifugio della Creazione” is dedicated to the memory of Jonny.

Namter FB | Algiz Art

Grift & Saiva

Hailing from Sweden, Grift and Saiva joined forces in the making of a two-tracks split that is filled with rural melancholy and beautiful passages of folk black metal. This release is already available for pre-orders on Nordvis’s store. What should you expect? “Where SAIVA bring us a musical interpretation of the Swedish Lappmark that stands as a celebration to those who endure the harsh and desolate northern wilderness, GRIFT in turn, from the southern part of Sweden, will put us in a sense of living in a foregone time that no longer exists but which lives on through old traditions and stories.”

Grift FB, Bandcamp | Saiva FB, Bandcamp

While waiting for the Namter and Grift’s albums to rise above, you can check out the US savage black/thrash metallers Sangus who released an awesome EP in 2014 titled “Saevitia”. It’s available on bandcamp for 4 bucks in digital format as well as 7″ vynil for 5.50 bucks at Eternal Death Records’ shop.