morthus - over the dying stars

Beware! Polish record label Witching Hour Productions has uncovered details about the upcoming debut opus of black/death metallers Morthus. The new album is entitled “Over the Dying Stars“, which is scheduled for release on 3 June. 

For the time being, you can listen to”Gospel for Evil and Chaos” and preview the complete tracklist of “Over the Dying Stars” below. Follow Morthus on Facebook for more clues in the near future. To pre-order a CD, click on the green album title above. 

1.Vastness Above (Intro)
2.Unholy Cult of the Ancient One
3.Gospel for Evil and Chaos
4.Revelation Hunt
5.Across the Void
6.Hate & Pride
7.Chant of the Blazing Breath
8.Sons of Black Fire
9.Doomsday Below (Outro)



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