Spanish band Marasme returns with a new album that seems to be “darker than ever.”  “De Llums I Ombres” is their second full-length that pushes the limits further and continues the band’s tradition to experiment by incorporating ingridients from post-rock to black metal and even doom. You can stream the album for free below and make your first impression.

: “De Llums I Ombres” is currently available for purchasing in digital format on bandcamp. The physical release ( LP vynil limited to 320 pieces) is expected to be out on September the 1st, 2014. Pre-order here[email protected]

The second addition in this premiere can be described with just two words: brutal assault! Yorkshire-based Slaughter Throne have announced their debut EP and what is in there for you is unrelenting blackened death metal that will take you down from the very beginning and you’ll certainly like it.

Note: For the time being “Wrath of an Ancient Darkness” is available in digital format only.

Last but not the least is an oldschool suggestion by Mortuus Sum. “Vargavinter” is the title of the first full-length by the band, which is in the vein of grim traditional black metal sound and heavily inspired by ancient Greek heritage. Make sure to follow Apocalyptic Art and stay tuned for the release date.

Note: “Vargavinter” comes in a limited pro-tape edition to 100 items only.