Behind the mysticism of the Cemetery Glow

I’ve been getting lots and lots of promo materials from Iron Bonehead Productions lately and time, being such a nasty bitch has prevented me from checking every single one of them in peace. However, while trying to find the balance in between everyday chaos and freedom to relax, I somehow managed to get my hands on a never heard before act such as Light Of The Morning Star.

For an uncertain reason, though, when I glanced at the cover artwork, I thought I would hear some generic symphonic black metal stuff that has been out more times than one says “fuck” in his entire life but I was so wrong.

To my fortunate surprise, Light Of The Morning Star’s debut EP “Cemetery Glow” turned out to be a pleasant experimental fusion that blends darkwave and atmospheric black metal. The end result is exciting and definely adds yet another shade to the rich palette of extreme metal sub-genres. Make sure to listen to the first out of 3 tracks titled “An Empty Hearse.

As to the mastermind behind this act, very little is known. What I could manage to find out is that possibly it’s run by one man whose identity is covered deeply in darkness.  

Still, fear not to follow Light Of The Morning Star on Facebook HERE for more updates. For more info about ordering a copy, please contact Iron Bonehead Productions HERE


1.  An Empty Hearse
2. Black Throne Ascension
3. Wraith