Lathspell have finally come forth with a great piece of news from the studio where they were recording yet another epic album. Their 5th full-length is titled “Torn Cold Void” and it promises an exceptional quality Finnish underground black metal that will get a hold on you right upon playing the preview track.

Unlike their latter record, this one will be a little shorter on the tracklist including 4 songs that clock at approximately 41 minutes. Wolfspell records and Patologian Laboratorio Productions will be the main distributors where you can order a 6-panel digipak copy from. The release date is not set in stone yet but it is expected to be released around late April. I do advise you to check on Lathspell’s Facebook for further updates HERE

As of now, you can taste the bitterness that “Torn Cold Void” serves through the 2nd track off the tracklist called “Beneath The Flaming Earth.” If you have been longing for a new release that will amaze you with stunning melodic riffage, awe-inspiring vocals and dense atmosphere, then this preview is a must-listen. You can check out the tracklist below the video.

1. I Am Death
2. Beneath The Flaming Earth
3. Blood Embrace This Soil
4. Torn Cold Void