Andy Marshall who is best known for his atmospheric folk/black metal band Saor, has expanded his list of musical projects by adding one more that will surely get you in a very good mood! This gentleman has proven once more his enormous talent by conceiving what I could define as “winter’s magic in stereo” or  simply put Fuath. Here is a short background info of the project:

I am a massive fan of hypnotic atmospheric black metal, especially early 90’s stuff like Burzum’sHvis lyset tar oss, early Darkthrone, and also modern bands such as Paysage d’hiver and Vemod. I wanted to create a cold, hypnotic and melancholic black metal album which tried to capture the feelings I felt listening to these bands. I always come back to these types of bands when winter comes along and I feel their sounds are perfect for this time of year, almost kind of spiritual in a way.

So far, Fuath has made available to the audience one track from the 4-piece record “I”, bearing the name “Blood”; a deeply immersed into winter’s atmosphere composition that opens up majestic landscapes of silent forests lit by the subtle light of a thousand stars glowing in the night sky. If you are not that lucky to enjoy a such a scenary, then this track is your ticket for it! “I” is scheduled to come out on February the 1st through Belgian label Neuropa Records. It can be pre-ordered HERE. Meanwhile, you can follow Fuath on Facebook for more updates HERE. You can taste “Blood” below.