Fjorsvartnir is a Danish one-man atmospheric/melodic black metal act that was founded by Fjorgynn who is also known for taking part in the notorious Blodarv as their drummer. Ever since its birth that dates back to 2007, the band has released a short yet valuable list of records, one of which is the brand new “Mzoraxc Forbandelse.” The second full-length album has been finally unveiled to the public after 3 years of waiting and all I can tell you is that it was worth the whole damned time! “Mzoraxc Forbandelse” offers a more advanced production as well as compositions that clearly show Fjorgynn’s detail-oriented sense and strong passion for his craft. If you consider yourself  a connoisseur of atmospheric/melodic black metal done the Scandinavian way, then you should give Fjorsvartnir’s new album a try.