There’s been a lot of heat going on in the Northern part of the world, where creatives forge what appears to be Icelandic black metal. Over time, it’s got a tremendous attention by mass media for a good reason. Today, I am gonna present yet another band that will make you stay focused on that particular country longer.  Meet newcomers Draugsól and their firstborn full-length titled “Volaða Land.”

Draugsól - Volaða Land band picFrom the sublime cover artwork, which is a deed by Moonroot Art to the captivating preview track showing maturity from the very beginning. We are onto a big thing here, folks, so buckle up! “Volaða Land” will show its glory with the stepping into the new year. The debut features a set of 6 songs in full. Total duration is not yet clear but no matter its length, I am sure it will be worth to spin repeatedly. 

Unlike the majority of their Icelandic fellows who’s chosen to dedicate their works to the infernal core of the genre, Draugsól have undertaken another, a unique approach as they state themselves. As described by Signal Rex, their current record label, “Volaða Land” centralises existential crisis and the failed attempts to reach out to enlightenment. 

The 5th track off the track list “Váboðans Vals” showcases an impressive blend of beauty and mental anguish through series of catchy tremelos and melodies that are absolutely irresistible. By all means, that’s not all. Vocals perfectly complement the instrumentals setting an oppressive image of exactly what humanity’s true face look like. 

Note: The full album will be available as of 13 January 2017. It will be distributed on 12″ LP and CD. Find out more on Signal Rex webshop.

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