Cwealm is a newborn Swedish melodic black metal act that I hinted of recently. Under the heavy influence of its ancestors, the band took the best out of the glorious past to create the astounding debut “Odes to No Hereafter.” 

In the span of 41 minutes distributed in 9 tracks, you will get to experience a refreshing synthesis of aggressiveness and enchanting melodies that will get a hold on you for long. The balance between each component and the superior eye to details makes “Odes to No Hereafter” a worthwhile album to dive into.

But that’s not all. Astraeus – mastermind of Cwealm is the sole member responsible for the lyrics, vocals as well as all instrumental work. As soon as the entry song begins to open up, it becomes evident how mature the band is already. 

As a result, “Odes to No Hereafter” embodies a whole new refreshing form including the strong presence of traditions and an evolved vision of melodic black metal. Do check out the full track list below.

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