Hell yes! Finally after nearly  5 years since their last album  “Der Untergang… / Победа!!!” came out, Netherlands’ black metal outfit Cirith Gorgor are back and obviously stronger than ever. Their respected record label Hammer Heart Records made available a little video treat prior to the massive darkened feast called “Visions of Exalted Lucifer.” Beware, though, it contains a heavy usage of violence and brutality, so if you are a faint hearted individual, better off listen to the music only. Expect the album to be out on February 19th but more info is due to be announced later as to what formats will be distributed on. Tracklist below the video! Pre-order HERE.


1. Salvator
2. A Vision of Exalted Lucifer
3. Of Black Dimensions
4. …and Demonic Wisdom
5. Wille zur Macht
6. Rite of Purification – Vanished from This World
7. Into the Nameless Void


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