Blood Moon - Through the Scarlet Veil cover

Blood Moon is a mysterious circle of Luciferian worshippers, which I Introduced on Saturday massacre a while ago. Now, the band has unleashed their debut full-length bearing the name “Through the Scarlet Veil” for free consumption on Bandcamp. This 8-piece track list will immerse you into a ritual gathering to awaken the Bringer of Light. 

The compositions will walk you through the initial stages of summoning to the praise of His kingdom’s arrival. I would not consider this album just a musical experience rather than a profound occult journey. In fact, it is more like a pure enlightenment that breaks the shackles of the oppressed mind. Apart from the spellbinding instrumentalship, “Through the Scarlet Veil” delivers an alternative way of singing based on chanting. 

Blood Moon is an intriguing act whose debut is worth checking if you are interested in art beyond its physical forms. It is the means of tearing the cold night through the warmth of the infernal fire! 

Note:Through the Scarlet Veil” is out via Arsenestre. You can purchase it on tape and CD directly on Bandcamp. 

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