Day by day World Terror Committee is becoming one of the top record labels in my favorite list because  they seem to have this unwritten law, which states “either releasing classics or nothing!” If some of you out there are not familiar with their production, allow me to introduce you a brand new release from Blut & Eisen Productions in cooperation with WTC that has blown me away after the 1st track I listened. Barshasketh originally derives from New Zealand, though recolated to the UK at a later point. Their craft cannot be described with a few words because it is a multi-hued and sophisticated black metal offering an abundance of moments that can hold your interest as high as possible. In this sense, I would like to present their 3rd full-length that bears the title “Ophidian Henosis”, an almost 50 minutes of unearthly experience.. There is a catchy melody, engulfing darkness and even a touch of melancholy that build up this album to perfection. I have never heard of Barshasketh before but after listening to “Ophidian Henosis”, there is no doubt that it is more than recommended to go deeper into their work. Now, take a break from your routine and enjoy some high quality black metal below.

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