Alright, it’s time for a new crushing arrival that promises nothing but a complete and utter annihilation! You may not remember Ascended Dead because I normally try to keep on my “black metal only” rule. However, exceptions are acceptable every once in a while, especially if the material is way too good, or impossible to be left behind. Case in point – “Abhorrent Manifestation“, the well anticipated debut full-length of San Diego-based death metal tyrants Ascended Dead.

The band was born back in 2011 following the release of a demo, an EP and two compilations. Although, the quartet cannot brag with an extensive discography, it surely compensates for its high quality right from the beginning. Anyway, I had the enormous pleasure to give a good listen to “Abhorrent Manifestation“, headbang as fuck and share with you my first impression.

Ascended Dead - Abhorrent Manifestation

For instance, I’ve got to clarify that brutality lies at the burning core of the album. It is so intense by nature that you could feel right from the start how it crushes the corrupt mechanism of life with a single blow. Then, on a subconscious level darkness takes over your mind and fulfils the master plan of mass destruction of the weak. Consuming, unrelenting and fearsome; that’s what you should be prepared for when the complete track list is made available. 

Some of you may be interested under which category Ascended Dead’sAbhorrent Manifestation” falls, so let me put it this way. Pure death metal with an undisputed inclination towards the glorious roots of the oldschool sound. No more, no less. From the cover artwork all the way to the essence. Every element of this package starting from the cover artwork to the actual essence, contributes to forming a barbaric death metal opus that stirs away from modern influences. And I absolutely love it for that!

The instrumental work is fast and pummeling throughout the entire span of 36 minutes leaving you in the midst of a bestial carnage. Speaking of the vocals, they triple the intensity of the album by reeking murderous anger that grows stronger track by song. 

Abhorrent Manifestation” is set for international release on 17th March through Invictus Productions. You can listen to an excerpt via the Bandcamp player below at the bottom of the post. 

Track list:

1. The Promised Time
2. Blood Thirst
3. Perdition
4. Ensnared For Eternity
5. Dormant Souls
6. Subconscious Barbarity 
7. Fissure of Chaos
8. Dawn of Armageddon
9. Last Ritual
10. Inexorable Death




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