Silence has been way too overwhelming at SBM’s headquarters lately and now it’s time to break it with a brand new premiere! Wrath of the Tyrant Records, an Italian black metal label dedicated to keeping the 90s flame alive and burning have uncovered 3 tracks from their first ever release on Bandcamp. They have officially made available Austrian trio Alastor’s 3rd opus titled “Waldmark”, which is named after the woodland around southern mountain ridge of the Bohemian Forest. Awe-inspiring castles whispering forgotten tales of myths is just a tiny little bit that can be depicted from this album. “Waldmark” is about getting into a special state of the mind when the soul departs from its body and takes on a journey towards the deepest and most beautiful forests where reality is no longer restraining imagination.  

“Waldmark” was released on March the 11th, however, the physical items are expected to be shipped in the end of the month. Beware! It’s limited to 600 copies only! Be sure to get to know Alastor better via the links below for they’ve been around since 1996 and their discography has got a lot to offer. Enjoy!

Homepage | Facebook | Myspace / Wrath of the Tyrant Records Homepage


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