So many sub-genres are out there and seeing the term “intelligent black metal” may get you puzzled but let me explain. Intelligence is a higher form of understanding everything that surrounds us and it is also a wellspring of all things supreme that hover above mediocrity. In this sense, when combined with art, for example, it gives birth to a sophisticated and thought-provoking outcomes that are not only memorable but everlasting. So, one evening as I was browsing in my not so favorite profile on Facebook, I stumbled upon Absolutus in one of those black metal dedicated groups, which I had often neglected, to be honest. Being always curious for new stuff, I previewed the band’s new album “Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis” and, man, this made my day! My fascination for avant-garde black metal and all experimental acts in general is enormous and Absolutus did satisfy what I had been looking for. This coven is not your traditional satanic bm band that stick to the comfort zone, so to speak. Absolutus goes beyond that and the final result out of their new album is excellent. To get me better, you need to taste it yourself, so go listen to it via the bandcamp player below.