In this rather quick installment, I’d like to share one of my latest findings that blew me away in just a couple of playthroughs. Pillars of Crucifixion, A Finnish trio born in 2016 unleashed their debut “Miasma” on 30th June of this year. This release features literally 8 chapters (that’s how the tracks are called), which invite the listener into a very dark voyage.

Let me first get things straight, though. “Miasma” is an outcome that does not pretend to be trying to achieve something that has not been done before. Nevertheless, it goes a long way to show that one can always find a way to make great things with a “limited palette”.

Pillars of Crucifixion have charged this track list with maximum aggression and obscurity. I perceived “Miasma” as a statement that exemplifies the nature of this genre and its annihilating purpose. Violent and absolutely unrelenting instrumental work that forces on your senses the terrifying image of what would be Armageddon if you had to face it yourself.

Miasma” is a work of contempt and zero tolerance; the cold-hearted spirit of the Northern beast. Let it consume you!