Visionaries Penitence Onirique step out of the shadows with the phenomenal debut album “V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L.” An undisputed masterpiece mixing the best ingredients of melodic and avant-garde black metal. A release worth to be known as one of the best of 2016!

Following Death’s footprints

Penitence Onirique is a bicephalous collective that hails from Autricum, France. It is exactly the type of bands that make me do what I do everyday – promote unknown artists with an exceptional talent. Not so long ago, these guys started to spread death and misery. The band was born in 2015 and a year later their debut full-length “V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L.” was out but only visible to connoisseurs with an endless curiosity for underground music.

Pеnitence Onirique - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. band pic

As appears on Metal-Archives, the members of this mysterious convention have no other relations to projects of both extreme and non-extreme nature. However, considering their expertise right from the very first album, I suspect we are just seeing the tip of an iceberg. This leads me to….

V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L is a multi-layered composition, each exploring aspects of death and the levels of pain

Normally, I hate to compare one band to another. Some take it as a compliment yet others feel insulted. That’s why, I’d rather focus on what is unique rather than comparing and giving useless grades. However, this is one of the rare moments when I will make an exception. Upon the first spin, “V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L.” resonated with Mgla’sExercises in Futility.” The more I was plunging into the track list, the more I realized that I was actually right.

In spite of the fact that “V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L.” has been composed by a newborn band, each of its songs tell another story. Penitence Onirique have proven to be as mature sounding as a role model such as Mgla. I think the core of their music is closely connected as both deal with aspects of death and the heavy burden of life…

Pеnitence Onirique - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. CD unfolded

V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L.” captures the cold feeling of pain growing from inside. All these powerful melodies dripping with disappointment make the tragic reality a scenery, so much more beautiful. It’s hard to resist the brilliant quality of the overall production. Every note has its purpose to steal breath by breath until you fade away.

I am sure this album will be the best 50 minutes spent in your daily routine. While listening to it, time is irrelevant. It’s just you, the falling leaves and Death; slowly replacing the light of day with an impenetrable darkness. You know there is no exit, but you don’t care anyway for you are rejoicing in misery. In a twisted way, isn’t exactly what life is all about – to be happy?

Penitence OniriqueV​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L
Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, release: 16.09.2016
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1. L’âme sur les pavés
2. Le soufre
3. Le sel
4. V.I.T.R.I.O.L
5. Carapace de fantasme vide

Total running time: 47:18