3 years after the emergence of “Surrealist Satanist“, Germany’s spiteful cult Paria will bring forth a new blasphemous offering. Here is the interesting part. Their upcoming mini-album titled “Knochenkamp” is scheduled for release on 25 December through W.T.C. Productions; at the peak of the holiest celebrations of all – Christ’s birth.

To corrupt, desecrate and violate – “Knochenkamp” will unleash an unrelenting sonic attack of absolute savagery. Over the course of 28 minutes, you will be shown the endless ways of agony. Every damned minute of the 5-piece track list weaves sickening curses of utter black metal classicism. 

Paria’s origins will lead you back to 2002 when their first ever demo “The Black Magic Holocaust Tunes” marked its unholy ascension. Ever since, they rolled out a bunch more as well as 3 full-lengths, including the above mentioned “Surrealist Satanist.” There is a whole a lot to catch up with, so better off start now while you are waiting for “Knochenkamp.

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Track list

1. Intro
2. Pergamentikkch Nemesis
3. So Far from the Hidden God
4. Cyclikkch Ovogenesis
5. Call from the Grave (Bathory cover)

paria - knochencamp cover

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