Let me tell you, I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but when an absolute beast of music knocks on my door I just can’t help myself. Despite the fact that this plug-in will be very and I mean VERY brief, I just wanna use the opportunity to give a shout to Panzerfaust. First and foremost, this Canadian quartet is a pure gem worth your time to invest into. Just so you know in general…

Anyway, I’ve accidentally found on Eisenwald’s Youtube channel that Panzerfaust are due to unleash their 4th full-length “The Suns of Perdition” whose preview made go “woah”! I guess to get myself at least slightly more professional, the song featured below delivers one hell of a promise. Such in fact, that not only pushed me to a number of replays but also mad headbanging like the good old days when I was a bit more on the loose.

As promised to be very short, this piece features nothing but superb qualities attributed to very talented musicians such as these fellows. What stands out immediately is the high-end production from top to bottom. Moreover, the track itself is highly engaging and well thought out so that it radiates with a plentiful of potency and charge. Give it a shot and if you’d like to get a copy, follow the link below.

The Suns of Perdition” is to be released on 14th June through Eisenwald.

Updated 14th June: Now available for full streaming below.

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