You see, there was a time back in my history with black metal when I completely rejected clean singing. It was even worse. No matter how good the actual album at hand was, just because of that small “pitfall” I would toss away an entire masterpiece. Fortunately, I got smarter and so my musical taste evolved. Which leads me to the latest opus of Old Forest titled “Black Forests of Eternal Doom“.

Black Forests of Eternal Doom” is one of those records that makes me feel like a criminal for wasting your time to read these words. It is a monumental masterpiece that deserves every bit of praise due to its astounding traits!

Not only is it masterfully written, produced and performed but it also has what many others fail to accomplish along the way. It’s got a bloody spirit! It blends successfully the untamed and obscure vibe of black metal adding extra care in the atmospheric department.

Old Forest capture very powerful emotions within an array of spectacular melodic interludes, gently uplifting all the breathtaking clean singing along the way. Although, this opus is lighter by nature, it definitely does not shy away from the blackened spirit. The release offers just as much awe-inspiring use of high-pitched screams that invite a foreboding feeling into the its quintessence.

Black Forests of Eternal Doom” manifests a balanced yet incredibly refreshing take on atmospheric black metal, which begs for a number of replays. Anyway, please, do not mind my writings any longer and just press the god damned play button!

Note: For the unaware visitor, Old Forest actually features 2 members from In the Woods… so you might bump into a familiar territory, per se.

Anyway, if you happen to set aside 45 minutes to go through the 6-piece track list below, then please, do! This is a masterpiece unfolding…

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