Many people question the meaning of life and to me, art is one of the first answers. This is why I try my best to promote artists and their work because it is the ultimate form of inspiration and salvation altogether.  In the 5th edition of artist spotlight, I’d like to present Jeff Grimal and his surreal worlds displayed on traditional canvas.

Nowadays, it’s becoming lesser likely to bump into creatives who instead of a graphics tablet rely on oil. “It’s all about taking things faster” is the general response on this matter but where does the magic go? Well, creative minds like Jeff show us how to balance between the digital and traditional medium while easily managing to deliver the full package – the spellbinding quintessence, the message, the mind opener and the revelation.

His artistry is most often associated with musical projects where he takes part in as a musician such as The Great Old Ones and Spectrale. Aside from that, he also delivers commissioned work to private clients. I took the liberty of collecting some of my favourite projects of his and share them here on SBM with all of you artistic souls out there. Check them out below and make sure to follow Jeff’s Facebook page dedicated to his craft. 


Jeff Grimal art 4


Jeff Grimal art 6





Jeff Grimal 11


Jeff Grimal - Kadath