Another long-delayed album recommendation is finally here! This time, I was presented with a physical material by Negra Nit distro who introduced to me a never heard before band in the face of Nyctophobia.

Spain-based Nyctophobia was founded back in 2005 as an obedient follower of the oldschool black metal wave. Soon after their rising from the depths, they realized that it was about time to steer clear from the overly-populated “true” direction and set themselves to unknown shores.

Underground by all means – this is how you should remember this band. Nyctophobia are not bound to deadlines, thus they put out material when they think it is the right moment to. Summing up their existence of approximately 11 years, the band does not offer a whole load of releases. In fact, their discography has only 2 EPs and today, I am focusing on their 2014 issued out “Ritual II: The Will of Darkness.”

For a coven that seemingly looks like it lacks experience in their craft, Nyctophobia strikes back with a firm statement that makes you think twice. That statement, dear SBM followers is “Ritual II: The Will of Darkness.” In 8 tracks that clock at 31 minutes, you will be literally blown away by traditional black metal assault that crawls insidiously and sticks into your mind.

Don’t expect some fancy stuff here. There is no abusing of effects or atmospherics covering up some imperfections. This is straight forward black metal; the backbone of the genre, the origin and the true meaning of darkness. You may start wondering what’s the unique point then? You had enough of the “trvness”?

Well, it’s all about the infectious riffs and the aerial cold that reeks from every single track on “Ritual II: The Will of Darkness.” There is black magic in the subtle twists that are made throughout the short duration of the tracklist that simply straps you to the chair making you want desire for more.

Although, it is approached with minimalism in mind, Nyctophobia brought in complexity by focusing on delivering uniqueness through writing engaging instrumental work. It speaks more through the obscure vibe that does not settle for a single minute.

Production-wise, I think, these guys did an excellent job. Every element is well enough defined, the vocals are balanced and the whole EP comes in a decent package. What more to want from an underground band? Do check out the full EP below and as always, show your support!

Nyctophobia – Ritual II: The Will of Darkness
Negra Nit distro, release: 2014
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1. Fading…(intro)
2. Earthbound
3. Dead Tongues
4. Embers Dawn
5. The Idiot-Crawling Chaos
6. Night of Witchcraft

Total running time: 31:13