Undeground epic black metallers Noctem Cursis did excite their fans a couple of days ago as they uploaded a track from their upcoming debut album “Nocturnal Frost.” At the first spin of “Les Rivages de la Mort” three main points were noticeable:

  1. Maturer sound –  A big leap forward in their work that surely makes “Nocturnal Frost” a deserving winner that tops up their EP “Wrath of Winter.”
  2. Splendid composition – Exciting melodies and epic elements mashed into one outcome to suggest a feeling that brings you closer to nature; to sense its supremacy over mankind.
  3. Crystal clear quality – Every instrument and vocals are evident, so that you won’t miss out a single valuable moment and enjoy the song to the full extend.

“Nocturnal Frost” is a new page that the band has turned. Yet it preserves the core concept of their music but in a more refined form. The album is expected to be available for purchase in May via Mortis Humanae Productions and  Le Crepuscule Du Soir. In the meantime, check out “Les Rivages de la Mort” and see the tracklist below.

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  1. Introduction
  2. From Space
  3. Scars of the Past
  4. Le Guerrier Noir
  5. Ov Immobile Energy
  6. Wolrd to Ashes
  7. Secrets of the Elder
  8. Les Rivages de la Mort
  9. Crossing the Everlasting