Noctem Cursis are no strangers to SBM. A couple of months ago they appeared here with a song from their new album “Nocturnal Frost.” This one is a tremendous leap in their musical development since 2011 and you are about to see why.

Hailing from the French underground and established in 2010, a year later Noctem Cursis marked their first milestone by releasing their EP “Wrath of Winter.”  What’s more curious is  the follow-up  “Nocturnal Frost” because it portrays the band in a different state – very, very advanced. Seen from many angles, “Nocturnal Frost” is a remarkable album. First off, starting from the artwork(see above), one would think to himself that it is worth buying it just because of its epicness. Most importantly it DOES reflect what quality the matter inside it is.

Even though winter-related themes are way too cliché now for the majority of bands bow before the majesty of the Frost, this album somehow provokes high levels of passion and interest for coldness once again. The secret, so to speak, lies in the 43 minute tracklist that involves the listener in that realm of never ending battles upon the bloody snow. The main question is….

Whether “Nocturnal Frost” is for you or not? Let me tell you what you’ll come across. Epic black metal that wraps up melodic guitars, subtle symphonies, decent drumming and powerful vocals. The production is very crisp and resembles of the second wave bands such as Emperor. Fast-paced rhythm dominates and the enticing compositions can inevitably lead you to wild headbanging. However, nothing describes better than a sample, so listen to it below and better off untie your hair!

All in all “Noctunal Frost” is an excellent album. It is clear how much hard work has been put to make it happen due to its sharp production in every manner. It’s not an innovator but a refresher; music and concept-wise it’s been seen a lot but not everybody succeded in delivering. This is where Noctem Cursis have prevailed.

Noctem CursisNocturnal Frost
Mortis Humanae Productions, release: 06.06.2014
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1. Prelude of an Era
2. From Space
3. Scars of the Past
4. Le Guerrier Noir
5. Ov Immobile Energy
6. World to Ashes
7. Secrets of the Elders
8. Les Rivages de la Mort
9. Crossing the Everlasting

Total running time: 43:57