I guess I am a little late with this news but I couldn’t just stand still and keep it silent anymore. If you’ve been a long time SBM follower or an avid underground metal explorer, you won’t struggle to remember who Nightbringer are. However, to quickly summarize it, this band is not only among the top US black metal bands but also one that is mandatory to explore at length. With that said, I got to know through Debemur Morti Productions that Naas Alcameth (vocalist of Nightbringer) has come forth with a new band named Aoratos.

Aoratos - Gods Without Name band pic / support black metal

The best news is that there is already a good enough chunk up for free streaming that will give you a fair understanding of what to expect from Aoratos‘ debut. And for me personally, what “Gods Without Name” has displayed so far is beyond exciting to say the least.

There is a very powerful and maleficent vibe surrounding this haunting piece of black metal assault. Aoratos gives away a turbulent ride of sheer terror and dread that raises the bars pretty high. Although, I haven’t had the time to listen to “Gods Without Name” in its entirety, I can still recommend you to try out the preview below and decide for yourself if it is worthy.

Gods Without Name” is scheduled to come out 22nd March through Debemur Morti Production in digipak, Gatefold 12″ and digital format. It features 9 morbid tracks in total, so keep your eyes peeled.