Update 2: As promised, here is a fresh update  – an official video titled “Windwards.” 

Update: You can already taste of what’s coming by checking out the preview below.

It was about 2 years since Netherbird announced an indefinite hiatus. I remember I was a little frustrated because it is one hell of a Swedish melodic black metal coven whose work has left a major trace.  However, the demons have been awaken and Netherbird returns stronger with a brand new single. “Windwards” is scheduled to come out on 6th July through Black Lodge Records. As of now, tracklist and cover artwork have only been uncovered. Still, I will update this post as soon as a preview comes out, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, you may want to follow the band on Facebook.


1. Windwards
2. Sculptors and Spectres

netherbird - windwards

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