Although there’s plenty of time to wait til it would be appropriate to reflect on 2014’s harvest, I cannot restrain myself from exclaiming “Holy shit! What a hot year!” Being moved by my latest discovery from Dresden – Nemesis Sopor, I’m super excited to give you an insight about their new full-length “Glas” (Glass).

Striking album with dense atmosphere. Cutting-edge production and demonstration of randomness, speaking of musicianship and vocal parties. Nemesis Sopor have outdone themselves on each stage of development. Besides the post-black & avant-garde elements they have thrown into “Glas”,  I’ve also  enjoyed the deepness of it. I’m glad that nowadays bands put a lot more effort and emphasis on the lyrics; they are thought-provoking and poetic. 

I’d like to leave some room about the idea behind “Glas”. The very title suggests that there is no satanic influence. In fact, “Glas” deals with existentialism-related topics. The album reflects reality as we perceive it versus what actually is. Everybody has a unique mindset and thus shapes his own reality and lives by it until he reaches the point of colliding with the so-called “real world”. The line between both realities is as thin as glass and that’s resulted in the core of “Glas”. It’s fragile and breaks easily upon impact but it’s also reflective when seen from another angle..

All of this comes in one must-have package that contains an undespituted masterpiece. It is firmly rooted in black metal but still pushes the limits, which is why this album is so yielding  If you are tired and want to break away from the routine, “Glas” could help you in this. Open your eyes and mind as wide as possible and face your reality! Oh, and don’t forget to open your ears, too, cause “Glas” is available for free streaming below.

Nemesis SoporGlas
Independed, release: 26.05.2014
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1. Stille Heimat
2. Kairos
3. Weisse Augen
4. Leere Träume
5. Glas
6. Splitter
7. Eis zu Stein I: Wind

Total running time: 59:16