First impression is very important no matter what we talk about. In this sense I am refering to cover artworks and their quality. In most occasions you can guess what to expect in terms of music even before listening. It might sound weird but after a number of examples, it is pretty much proven. The first thought that popped up in my mind when I saw the cover artwork of Αέναον Κλέος  was telling something like “Damn, this should be good!”

But first comes first. Nekrypteia originates from Spain, Madrid, though shrouded in deep mystery except for one thing – their macabre music. You can feel their presence in the shadows and consume the abyss through the sound of theirs inspired by black metal and ancient times. A band bold enough to step up and express their visions in ways that make them stand out. Typically bands write their lyrics in English in order to be accessible for everybody. That does not apply for Nekrypteia and and I take my hat off  because of that since part of making something more challenging and curious, if you will, is when you have to explore, step into the unknown and look for clues.

Overcoming language barriers seems to be a piece of cake for Nekrypteia. Αέναον Κλέος is written in Latin, Greek and Spanish. In fact, it’s contrary to what you may expect of being thrown into confusion. It falls into place. Especially the use of Latin intriguted me a lot since it’s a dead languange and fits perfectly the purposes of Nekrypteia to take you on a trip back to the ancient times of war, destruction and honor.

The opening track “Agonia” sets a picture of massive devastation, burning fortresses, wounded warriors echoeing though the dense smoke in despair. Reign of death, where the soil is soaked with blood. This is how the aggressive fast tempo and the piercing-the-heart vocals inflicting fear enchanted me straight away. Most certainly “Agonia” was what I needed to move on eagerly with a massive curiosity of what was to come next.

With a catchy intro of gentle guitar lines and whispers as if a portent of impending doom, “Obitvs” increased my interest towards the album, which is why I listened to each following track with tremendous pleasure and care. Mentioning the beginning of “Obitvs” was for a reason. It somewhat prepared me for the funeral march under the sounds of  “Fvneralia; low mortuary-tempo at first to honour the memory of those who have fallen in the battle.

“Transcendentia” swiftly became my favorite song of the album due to the melodic approach and lyrics which I found pretty spellbinding. It explains that it’s not all finished in the hour of death. The legacy is the part that will remain and continue to grow.  One of the keywords that probably sums up not only the next song “Gloria Æterna” but the whole album, too is “Glory.” Glory that shines up high in the skies and in the hearts of the brave ones on the battlefield.

“Life is short but glory is eternal.” The self titled track “Αέναον Κλέος” and “Immortalitas” draw this conclusion in the vein of  spotless black metal.  Nekrypteia reserved a place in my personal hall of fame. Αέναον Κλέος is almost perfect in every way from musicianship, lyrics all the way to cover artwork. Why almost? Well, I found pretty boring the outro “Æternitas” but that is a matter of personal preference. Overall I recommend you to listen to this album, download it for free and enjoy it whenever you like.

NekrypteiaΑέναον Κλέος
Independent, release: 22.07.2013
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1. Agonia
2. Obitvs
3. Fvneralia
4. Transcendentia
5. Gloria Æterna
6. Aenaon Kleos
7. Immortalitas
8. Æternitas

Total running time: 36:41