Let me tell you a recipe that is capable of making your day at several clicks of the button of your mouse. The “secret” is hidden by the following keywords “swedish black metal.” I’m sure you are well aware of that, given the number of bright examples of kickass bands – Dissection, Bathory, Lord Belial, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Netherbird, Armagedda, Naglfar and many, many more – an endless list. However, today I’m gonna give you another good reason to dedicate your day to swedish black metal.

neglektum coverIn 2008, four men having a mutual vision of darkness were gathered to form the initial lineup of NeglektumAzargoth / vocals, guitars, Nazgirth / guitars, Isedor / bass and Frederik / drums.  The “four horsemen of the Apocalypse” released a demo “Beyond the Frozen Mist” in the summer of 2009 as their debut. Later on the lineup changed since Frederik parted with the band and Isedor took his place on the drums. Neglektum continued their existence as a trio ever since. What’s more exciting is that they recorded a full-length “Blasphemer”, which is what I was listening to for the past nearly two hours.

I began my exploration of their blasphemic art with the self-titled track “Blasphemer.” The intro began with a marching drum instrumental and typical black metal guitar lines, which didn’t impress me a big time BUT as I was moving onwards it all started to make sense and feel more and more attractive. The climax or maybe even a game changer was when the instrumental went to a low-tempo, accompanied by Azargoth’s voice of sorrow and despair, which got me right away. It was truly amazing the way this track evolved – from traditional to doomish / melancholic black metal.

The following tracks  “Infernal Declaration of Hate”, “Babalon” and “Death’s Curse”  highlighted with a raging mid-tempo and scorching despise springing as though from the mouth of the very Hell. What took me by surprise were the two instrumental tracks “Salvation” and “Dies Irae pt1”. They calmed down the storming hatred (for a while) of the previous tunes  as they gently caressed my senses with an acoustic guitar and a piano incorporated. Taking into account that everybody has a different taste (and this applies for everything), I added “Babalon” at the bottom of the article for streaming. Take a spin and remember that you are free to share your feedback.

With a total of 8 songs equal to 37 minutes, I conclude that “Blasphemer” outruns “Beyond the Frozen Mist” by far. It does not pop up with a lot of originality yet is decent and worth trying.

Update: The album is scheduled to be out on February the 25th via Goathorned Productions.

Neglektum – Blasphemer
Goathorned Productions, release: 07.11.2013
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1. Blasphemer
2. Infernal Declaration of Hate
3. Begotten Son (Forgotten)
4. Salvation
5. Babalon
6. Death’s Curse
7. Dies Irae pt.1
8. Dies Irae pt.2

Total running time: 37:43