Walking down  the path to complete isolation and finding inner serenity while destroying everything human; the process of becoming a misanthropic soul has been initiated! Allow me to introduce you Nefastoreth who will take you on a journey that displays the ugly and false side of society and its idols through one of the most severe forms of black metal.

Nefastoreth was conceived back in 2002 in Italy. The band has been nurtured with misanthropy ever since and that can be depicted from their past works “Shining Crown of an Ending Day” and “In Tenebris Radiorum”, their debut full-length. Now, I’d like to present you their new creation titled “Imperium Serpentis Evangelii” continuing to push the limits of inhumanity.

“Imperium Serpentis Evangelii” is beautiful from a cover art/design perspective yet quite disturbing when it comes to the music itself. It is composed of 7 tracks in the vein of primitive raw black metal deeply rooted in the oldschool nature of the genre. Although, the true black metal spirit is strongly maintained throughout the record, Nefastoreth did not miss to add more sinister feel by incorporating subtle melodies that turn up the blood freezing effect while listening.

Music-wise, this album is harsh, fast and everyonce in a while even getting quite extreme, which perfectly fits the bill of everyone who enjoys the darkest side of this style. From time to time it is disturbingly haunting, especially when listening to some of the nefarious dialogues and chants in between the mass of hatred that is poured throughout the rest of the playtime. Other than that, speaking of musicianship – almost excellent. Sometimes it just gets a bit repetitive but no doubt, it’s insignificant in comparison to everything else that can be found in “Imperium Serpentis Evangelii. The vocals are tight and personally my favorite element of the album as they evoke a strong feel of opposition to society’s shallow standards. They reek of rebellion and intolerance!

To conclude this installment, I must say that “Imperium Serpentis Evangelii” is a decent album worth to have a reserved spot in your CD collection. Preview songs of the album below.

The Sacred Exile



NefastorethImperium Serpentis Evangelii
Vanth Productions, release: ??.??.??
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1. The Sacred Exile
2. Dispersing Their Ashe
3. Et Laudabunt Dominum Qui Requirunt Eum
4. Martyr
5. Doctrine III
6. Imperium Serpentis Evangelii
7. Invocation 333

Total running time: 49:00