Nazgul Rising is an aspiring Italian black metal coven who released their debut album “Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua” in the end of May 2014. It was a long wait for this full-length to come , keeping in mind that the band was born back in 2002; “Demo-Niako” is their very first creation. Afterwards, two more demos followed until the grand arrival of “Orietur in Tenebris Lux”.

As independed artists, Nazgul Rising have done an undisputedly great job with the preparation of their debut. The cover artwork is an eye-catcher even though it’s of minimum details.  To me, it is a symbol of the evocation of the abyss and the advent of its horrors who are unleashed upon the living. Music-wise, “Orietur in Tenebris Lux” is a melodious, with a vast usage of menacing symphonies and aggression album. Additionally, it’s armed with a heavy, fast-paced rhythm and daemon-like vocals that stick easily into your head and stay for a long time. The fusion of sympho-melodic black metal is well balanced and maintained professionally for over 40 minutes.  As to sound quality, Nazgul Rising stressed a lot on delivering a clear audio experience that makes each instrument evident in order to unveil the potential of every band member.

Nazgul Rising made a loud statement with “Orientur in Tenebris Lux” and it goes like this: “Excellence through abysmal passion for all that is dark”. They have proven themselves to be consistent throughout the years and because of that I recommend you to give them a try. 

Nazgul RisingOrietur in Tenebris Lux Tua
Independed, release: 23.05.2014
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1. Intro
2. Battlefields of Desolation
3. The Serpent Cult
4. Awake the Ancient Hordes of the Black Twilight
5. Damnatio ad Bestias
6. Hymn of Decay
7. Throne of Eblis
8. Beyond the Abyss

Total running time: 41:30


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