Alright folks, shit has got real! Nattramn who is a well known figure in the depressive black metal sub-genre has officially declared that he is on the way back to spreading suicidal terror! Although, the project appears to have no relations to his legacy, namely Silencer, it will carry on its burden. The first piece of clue appeared on HAL, which stands for Humani Animali Liberati  – the official forum of Nattramn’s musical projects and religious movement.

The mysterious project was initiated back in 2007 but due to a number of consequences he had to put it to sleep. Nevertheless, the corpse, as stated, has been revived in 2012 and slowly but surely being re-animated to a complete state of liveliness. Furthermore, HAL implied that the essence of the upcoming album may be the beginning of where Silencer ended. 

No band name, lineup, album title, cover artwork nor release date have been announced yet! However, you can read the whole announcement below. For references, visit HAL!

Greetings followers,

Treacherous and threatening silence!
2016 have been a year of sickness and pain for Nattramn which have caused our grandest and most important project to slow down a bit. If the sickness is to be locked up in a cage during the next year we should be able to reveal some interesting news for all true followers of this cause  – Heaven Awaits!


Nattramn is to return to the style of “extreme metal” with a new project.
Call it Black Metal, Extreme Metal or Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal.
Il Capitano rises above them all and is working in silence but not in darkness. Rather the very opposite!


We are not there yet but we are slowly moving closer to the cliff and we will keep you informed piece by piece regarding the process and the progress.
We are not executing the autopsy until the body is pure, free and ready for the next level.


Nattramn started this project back in 2007 but everything fell through the eyes due to the consequences of paranoia and was shortly thereafter put to grieving death.
In the end of 2012 Nattramn breathed new life into the project and the corpse was slowly revived, with a different line up.
Since then the song writing has been grinding on, like a SLOW DEATH and will go on until the album is complete and ready for recording.


HAL and Nattramn is not rushing anything. Either we put or BODY & SOUL into what we have sacrificed IT ALL for or…we don´t. We have chosen our path and there is no turning back.
There are no turning back for any true follower of Il Capitano and Humani Animali Liberati.
Band name, album title, line up and and every other releated info will be revealed with time.


Read the newsletter and visit HAL for the only genuine source of godly information. Time is but a human concern.
On a further and current subject;
HAL and Nattramn does not celebrate “birthdays”, christmas or new years eve or any other human and earthly celebrations and neither should you.

Keep in mind that neither Nattramn nor his organization is part of social media! The only way to keep abreast of the latest updates is by visiting HAL’s website, which is linked above. However, it does not offer a newsletter form to follow the upcoming news, so I’d advise you to subscribe for SBM! I will closely monitor the development of this exciting new project and share all the details here as time is right! Rejoice! 


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