2019 is rapidly shaping into a very potent year for the black metal genre. Having received the news that Mysticism Black are back with a new album really got me by surprise.

Almost 13 years ago their highly recommended debut album showed up above surface and then nothing but thick silence. For those of you who are not familiar, Mysticism Black’s mastermind OldNick was once a contributing force to Ceremonial Castings; another great US act that you may want to check out if you are into otherworldly symphonic bm.

Keeping it brief, the band’s sophomore record “Return Of The Bestial Flame” is just around the corner. It features 6 tracks, one of which you can stream below via the Bandcamp player. My impressions are purely based off of the impressive title preview, mind you.

So far, Mysticism Black’s Return Of The Bestial Flame” promises nothing short but a very uncompromising and bestial assault. The title track shows off a great use of dynamic instrumentalship and a mystical setting that adds an extra layer to the overall experience. It manages to balance itself out with a very thoughtful use of break-ups that slow down the ferocity and adds a very deep and personal dive into esoteric dimensions.

I leave the rest to you to discover. Meanwhile, “Return Of The Bestial Flame” is coming out on 28th June. It will be released independently, so pre-order your copy on Bandcamp. Enjoy!