mortifera_new_album_2014Not so distant in the past Mortifera published on Facebook the cover artwork of their upcoming album. There was no more info about it until today as Appartia Recordings/Drakkar Productions shared the title and tracklist of their 5th piece. “IV : Sanctii Tristhess” is planned to be released in the end of October 2014 and by the words of Noktu (vocals, guitars and bass), it will be their best work up to date. The tracklist contains 11 songs that equal to 45 minutes of blackness. Stay tuned for a preview and in the meantime listen to “Bleüu de morte” below.

Format: 6 panel GZ pack

1. Bouffé Par Les Vers Et La Pourriture 
2. Mors Illuminat 
3. Pendulum Mortii 
4. Poésie Des Oubliés 
5. Mémoire scarifiée 
6. Les Lamentations Des Défunts 
7. En Milieu De Nuit 
8. L’empire Des Blattes 
9. Hora Laceratum 
10. Profana 
11. Sanctii Luminiih Mortifera